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Pole silks are a godsend when you’re too tired to defy gravity but still want some spin therapy 🙌😍 Outfit by @flexilexi_fitness 🦔


I thought I did a really bendy #pdpegasus until I watched the video 😂 it’s the first time I’ve been able to get into it on my own so I’m still pretty darn happy with myself haha 😌🦄


The floor is lava 😉


Snippet from today’s training 😊 I saw @flotop06 do this brass monkey climb from a handstand and had to try it! Wish I had higher ceilings 😩


Revisited #pdtulip today 🌷I think I look more like a frog than a tulip 😂🐸


Finally managed to get this janeiro split move that @melgrace_ taught me awhile back! 😍 I still haven’t figured out how to come out of it gracefully (I cut that part out 😅) it’s such a doozy on the armpit ☠️


Sooo graceful 😂😂😂


Spinning to this beautiful song 🥰🎶 Passenger Seat by @deathcabforcutie Wearing @aerialluxdesigns ❤️


@superflyhoneyworld Black Friday sale is still on - if you’ve been eyeing off one of these gorgeous bodysuits, now is the time to get it 😉🛍🖤 check out their stories for all their BF sale info!


Spin therapy 🥰


Who remembers this room?? 😁 I used to have my pole in this spot! I decided to rig my hoop here so I don’t have to move my pole if I want to do hoop stuff 😜 This hoop sequence is copied from @vanelunatica 😍


Here’s a little dose of reality 😊 yesterday I decided I wanted to try to learn something completely out of my comfort zone, a flip on static pole 🤯 I started to get the hang of it after about 50 attempts 😂 Lucky I had @troyabbottpt around to keep me from dying! 😜

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