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Hey friends- here to let you know that you can enter the @CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year Competition by using the hashtag #UPOTY or submitting your work to cbreupoty.com (link in bio)! Spread the word- There are multiple prize categories to win, including a trip of a lifetime. This year's theme is a favorite subject of mine: Visions of a Future City. #ad at New York, New York


@PRADA DRIP 💧 at W42nd Street, Manhattan


How many stories left untold? at New York, New York


Out of all the times I’ve visited LA, this past week was my favorite. Good work, amazing friends (new and old) and a fresh dose of west coast inspiration. Thanks to all the people who made it possible. Swipe right for a gallery. at Los Angeles, California


Curious about you. Drop any comment, so I can click through to your page and see what you’ve been making! at Los Angeles, California


Serendipity is a funny thing. The other night I was out to dinner with my friend @bradromano, and ended up meeting @chloe_castiglioni. I don’t often approach people I’ve never met and ask to shoot, but I had a feeling we could make some really cool images. We ended up shooting at @dylan.shwartz’s spot @kissd.studio and and caught some cool light and interesting textures. I guess what I’m saying is if you have an instinct as an artist, don’t be shy about it. There’s nothing to lose and a lot to gain in this world of creative overlaps! A ton more frames on stories and BTS as well. Would love know your favorites. at kissd


Would we fall in love again, knowing how it ends? #losangeles at Santa Monica, California


Looking at Los Angeles- behind the scenes in my story! @manfrottoimaginemore #manfrottoambassador at Los Angeles, California


🐝 at New York, New York


Creative collaborations are at the center of everything I do. The intersections of different visions hold such power, and remind me of the fact that human connection and overlap are the forces that drive humanity forward. This set of images represents that concept. The vision and hospitality of my friends from @urbancowboybnb, @lyonporter and @jerzbanks and the whole team- have for years created spaces in which artists can thrive and explore their ideas. The creative force of @evangeliamusic and her beautiful music resonating in this space added another layer, and created an energy with which we were able to make these images. Click my bio link for her music 🎶 and follow my friends at @urbancowboybnb! at Urban Cowboy Nashville


Somewhere in the fog of our memories at Central Park

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