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It’s been a few years since @sliceofpai showed us a few tips on how to style food for beautiful above the table shots in Paris. I need to do more of this. Better yet, I need to go back to Paris. . . . . . #simpleordinaryjoyful #onthetable #frenchfood


When we were kids, every Christmas Eve, after my dad closed up the store at 10pm, he would pile us all into the car and we’d go searching for Christmas lights. After hours of driving and ooh-ing and aah-ing, we’d end up in Chinatown to have a bowl of wonton noodle soup before driving home. We try to do something similar with our kids too but at a more reasonable hour. 😉 After Christmas Eve service at church, we have a Chinese dinner (because what else would be opened on Christmas Eve?) and then go driving around looking at lights. . . . . . #simpleordinaryjoyful #tradition #christmaslights #canyonlights


Check out my latest video (link in profile)... Simple recipe for miso ramen. 🍜 You’re welcome! 😉 . . . . . #simpleordinaryjoyful #misoramen #homemade #onthetable #instantpot


I really enjoyed meeting some of you at our first workshop. Check out our YouTube video to see how it went (link in profile). Hoping to have more of these events in the coming year. . . . . . #simpleordinaryjoyful #flolumworkshop #vancouver #cooking #instantpot


How quickly the weather is changing from warm to cold. But I have to say, I love the fog! Wish we had more of it. . . . . . #simpleordinaryjoyful #fog #goose #pond #naturelovers


*** SOLD OUT *** Thanks, Everyone! Hope to have more of these events! It’s on! Venue is booked and menu is planned. Be one of the first to experience our workshop/dine with Flo event in Vancouver, BC, Dec 1. Link to register is in my profile. Please share with those who may be interested. Thanks! . . . . . #simpleordinaryjoyful


Lately, I’ve been dreaming about this place. Even though we only stayed in this beautiful house for 3 weeks, the memories I have seem to span much longer. I loved the peacefulness, the simplicity of life and the delicious food from the weekend markets. I miss the glorious sunsets and the sound of cowbells and crickets. Do you ever crave a simpler life? . . . . #simpleordinaryjoyful #france #lespeyriers #bigorre at Gite Les Peyriers


I made beef bourguignon for the first time in the #instantpot for our hosts in France and they loved it! Why I would choose a French dish to entertain our French guests, I have no idea. Just thankful they enjoyed it. You can find this recipe in my cookbook (link in profile) and on my YouTube channel. It's still my favourite video to watch. . . . . . #simpleordinaryjoyful #beefbourguignon #homemade #onthetable


Views like this made our 2 weeks of camping over the summer worthwhile. The beauty of creation reminds me of just how small we are and how great God is. . . . . #simpleordinaryjoyful #explorebc #nature #mountains #lake


I'm all turkeyed out and craving Asian flavours, this is my version of a Korean taco... made with bulgogi style beef and a miso slaw wrapped in a flour tortilla. What are you having for dinner? . . . . . #simpleordinaryjoyful #koreantacos #homemade #onthetable


It is always incredible to me how quickly the colour of the leaves change in the Fall. One moment they are green, next they are red or yellow. Amazing! But it also means winter is on its way. We’ve already experienced a few extra cold days when I’ve felt my cold urticaria kick in. But Vancouver weather is unpredictable: Warm days in the forecast. Enjoy them while they last. 🍁 . . . . . #simpleordinaryjoyful #fall #autumn #leaves


I have lots of memories of roast chicken and potatoes. The smell reminds me of the farmers’ markets in Paris and the time we filmed the making of roast chicken in Bigorre, France. But making it in the #instantpot cuts the time down by about a half and reminds me of the time I had Jay Leno chin when we filmed the IP version. 😆 This recipe can be found in my cookbook (link in profile) and the two videos on my YouTube channel. What meal drums up the most memories for you? . . . . . #simpleordinaryjoyful #roastchicken #homemade #onthetable


Archie sure has changed our lives. He has taken us to places we never would have explored before and has led us to see more of God’s beautiful creation. Why is he called Archie? Check out our YouTube video “Hitting the Road - InstaLum150 VLOG 1” - youtube.com/flolum . . . . . #simpleordinaryjoyful #jeeplife #instalumtrip


As the weather cools and we head into Fall, I love making large pots of soups and stews so that we can enjoy little bowls or comfort, or big bowls. 😉 This chilli recipe can be found in my new cookbook (link in profile) and on my YouTube channel. What is your favourite comfort food? . . . . . #simpleordinaryjoyful #chilli #instantpot #homemade #onthetable


Met this sweet pup, Molly, on our summer off-road adventure. Looking totally pooped after running around with her pal, Murphy. What a life! . . . . . #simpleordinaryjoyful #instalumtrip #dogsofinstagram


This was the first time we camped overnight up at the fire lookout. Unfortunately, the smoke from the wildfires obstructed our view but we enjoyed the quietness. . . . . . #simpleordinaryjoyful #camping #instalumtrip


Summer berries make desserts so much prettier to photograph and tastier to eat too! This is the Lemon Cheesecake that can be found in my new cookbook (link in profile) and on my YouTube channel. What is your favourite cheesecake? . . . . . #simpleordinaryjoyful #cheesecake #instantpot #homemade #onthetable


It had been years since we last visited Seattle even though it is only a 3 hour drive away. We stayed with friends we had not seen in years, who are always so hospitable. And we met up with friends who drove up from California and spent a wonderful day with them. In between our reconnecting with friends, we found this bakery that have the most amazing morning buns! We had to go back for seconds the next day! . . . . . #simpleordinaryjoyful #morningbuns #bakedgoods #macrinabakery at Macrina Bakery

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