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You don't always have to destroy in order to create. In many cases, preserving the essence of what it was adds extra value to the final result. 1st prize for the rehabilitation and adaptation of Building 12 of the Industrial School of Barcelona into a Research center by + Forgas Arquitectes | Image by Play-time


The industrial doors so common in cities begin to acquire green shades of sustainability. Fresh air flies over the Tyne River timidly. Newcastle Quayside West Masterplan by @faulknerbrowns | Image by Play-time


Christmas carols are heard in the background and the tree lights itself on and off in the living room. Houses are filled and tables are dressed with elegance. It seems that Christmas has arrived and 2018 starts to fade, you have to let go so new things can arrive. Let the bad things go away and keep only the good ones! See you in 2019! ¡Feliz Navidad! Merry Christmas! Bon Nadal!


There's a ticking clock on how many working hours are left... someone told us Santa Claus is coming to town. Keep the secret! Shhhht! Office building in Milano by @embtarchitects |Image by


The days become shorter every day and the nights, longer. Winter lights up the interiors and extinguishes the exteriors. Restoration and extension of a postmodern building on Boulevard Davout in Paris by @atelier_martel_architectes |Image by Play-time


Rain has a bad reputation but it is extraordinary: it gives life, it damps the ground, creates pools so that children can play and make music while the drops sting rhythmically on the windows. Rain is pure magic! 1st prize in Ulldecona street housing competition by Coll-Leclerc Architects + @miasarchitects | image by


Almost 140 years ago, El Borsí began to be built. Throughout the years, it has been used as a Mercantile Casino, a private stock market and, even, a School of Fine Arts. It has survived historical moments and endured the deafening noise of bombs. Years later, it faded into oblivion and began to deteriorate. 10 years later, Barcelona regains the beauty of the neoclassical building and returns it's solemnity again. 2nd prize “El Borsí” competition by @baasarch + @boparquitectura |Image by


"Everything is done for the future, forge ahead with courage” Pietro Barilla Barilla Pavilion International Competition by @miasarchitects | Image by


One small part can represent a whole but a whole requires the singularity of each of it's small parts. Stay tuned, sometimes beauty lies in the unexpected! SUN Tower in Ho Chi Minh City by Serie Architects | image by


It smells like lavender and you can hear a swarm of drones buzzing while the sunflowers dance to the sound of the sun. Ecology and technology, the balance of the present. Smart Village 2.0 by RRC Studio | image by


Rumor has it, if we dug a hole deep enough through earth we would appear on the 19th hole of this Australian golf course. Some differ saying we would appear in the middle of the Pacific Ocean near the Chatham Islands... Either way, who doesn't want to help us out with a shovel? Australian Golf Club pavilion by @crone_architects | image by


The future consists in renewing itself, said Miguel de Unamuno, renewing itself or dying. Multi-use complex reusing an old metallurgical industry in Mendoza (Argentina) by @josepferrando_architecture & @david_recio_muniesa | image by


All good learning requires a solid foundation. University Campus in Buenos Aires designed by @josepferrando_architecture | image by


“Aprovechemos el otoño antes de que el invierno nos escombre entremos a codazos en la franja del sol y admiremos a los pájaros que emigran” Otoño. Mario Benedetti 21 housing units designed by @titan.architectes | image by


Light and shadow. Nature and technology. Past and future. Mankind and immortality. When opposite poles find each other in a single space. Caixa Forum Valencia designed by @miasarchitects | image by


After a month sailing our course, we are lucky enough to be able to play again, imagining what does not yet exist. Casino in Andorra by @miasarchitects + @data.arquitectura | image by


Light, like water, always ends up finding a crack to leave MedUni Campus in Vienna by the Gina Barcelona Architects members: @baasarch + @pinearq |image by


"Verde que te quiero verde".... Numerous medical studies confirm that being contact with nature reduces stress and helps us restore our balance. Green in architecture is not an ornament, it contributes to our well-being. Raise your hand if you would like to work in this environment. Biomedical Center in Madrid by Daniel F. Florez + IAAA | image by

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