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😩REFLUX 😩When parents can’t seem to quit #TeamNoSleep, some may worry that reflux is to blame. - Please know we have a brand NEW BLOG all about reflux and “happy spitters,” and it dives in deep! (Link in bio and in stories.) ⭐️⭐️⭐️Please know: I will NOT be answering specific reflux questions here as it really is something you MUST discuss with your doctor, but... - Here are some practical ways you can help: 1️⃣ Offer smaller more frequent feedings. (For example, offer every 2.5 hours instead of every 3-4 hours.) ➡️Why? This keeps the stomach from getting quite as full and can decrease spitting up. - 2️⃣Feed baby in an upright position. Keep the baby’s head higher than the stomach. ➡️Why? Gravity can assist milk down the esophagus. - 3️⃣Hold baby upright for 20-30 minutes after each feeding. ➡️Why? Gravity can help keep milk in the stomach until it begins to digest. - 4️⃣Talk to your doctor about a good probiotic. (Example: Gerber Soothe). ➡️Why? Studies show it can result in shorter crying episodes, less spitting up, and less constipation. - 5️⃣Burp after every 2-3 ounces or when you switch breasts. ➡️Why? Burping decreases the chance for air bubbles to cause spitting up. - 6️⃣Offer a pacifier. ➡️Why? Sucking can ease pain by increasing saliva and downward contractions of the esophagus. - Will the sleep classes help babies with reflux? ➡️With Newborns up to 12 weeks: Even though this class can NOT take away the pain of reflux, it CAN still give parents the ability to read sleepy cues, soothe their fussy little one, distinguish between pain and overtired symptoms, and begin to lay a healthy sleep foundation. ➡️For older babies, really focus on treating the pain FIRST; then, sleep can be conquered. If your baby is pain-free, then we can make sleep progress. - Mamas who have had babies with painful reflux, did you use these tips? Can you offer encouragement and love to those struggling today? (Again, let's all stay away from medical advice- just encouragement please! Also, please read the blog for more info!) - 📷 by @rachandbabes


Who's ready to “cap off” our bedtime week with a holiday-party baby hack? 🎄 Sometimes, parents want to attend a Christmas party where littles are included, but they get concerned about baby's bedtime. What can we do to attend these festivities, BUT keep it from destroying bedtime entirely? 🎄 Here are some practical steps to help you at your next baby-friendly holiday party: Step 1️⃣: If you can, sneak in a late catnap before you leave. The car ride to the party can work well for this too! Step 2️⃣: Pack all of your bedtime basics: pjs, bottle, portable sound machine, pacifier, lovey, etc.. Step 3️⃣: When you're about ready to leave the party, slip away into an extra room to do a mini bedtime routine with your baby. Change her into a new diaper and clean jammies. Offer a feeding if possible. Step 4️⃣: Snuggle her into her carseat with the sound machine just like it's bedtime and head home. 🎄 +If your baby falls asleep on the way home, transferring when he's already dressed for bed is much easier. If he awakens, rock for a bit and then lay him down. +If your little one doesn't sleep on the way home, at least you've cut the need to do the bedtime routine before putting him in the crib. Rock for a few minutes, and then lay him down. 🎄 Please remember that while a later bedtime may make you want to sleep in, babies seldom sleep in after a later night. 🎄 Do you have any tips you would add? (And yes--a babysitter is a great tip for those adult parties! No shame! No guilt!) 🎄 📷 by @george_hats via @jamieleetiffany ❤️❤️❤️❤️Edited to add: we only allow babies to sleep in a car seat when we have our eyes on them or while we are driving. Never in a back bedroom at a party! ❤️❤️❤️


As we continue "Bedtime Week," let's talk about a bedtime myth that needs to be busted! Here's the MYTH: feed the baby extra milk, add in some formula, stuff her with a bigger meal, or maybe even add some rice cereal to a bottle before bed... this will help her sleep! The FALSE BELIEF says: If her belly is REALLY FULL, then she'll sleep longer. This is simply NOT TRUE! It's a MYTH because babies wake for other reasons besides just hunger. + Adequate daytime feedings ARE important, but OVER-STUFFING a baby before bedtime is unnecessary. + Did you know that studies find that whether moms breastfeed exclusively, formula feed, or a mix of the two, they report similar sleep patterns in the first months of life?! (Link to research will be in stories in just a bit!) + The manner in which you feed your little one does NOT majorly impact sleep. Yes, breast milk is digested faster, but research shows that it truly is NOT a big reason why babies wake more frequently in the night. + So if it’s not food that makes a baby sleep longer, what is it???? It's the way a baby falls asleep (not the fullness of her tummy). Babies who go into their sleeping places awake at bedtime are less likely to need help in the night. If we focus on good sleep habits like a regular bedtime, a consistent routine, and your baby's ability to put herself to sleep, this (not over-the-top calories) will be the best predictor of longer sleep. + Need help with setting up good sleep habits or teaching our little one to sleep? Click the link in profile and find your baby's age! + Have you heard this before? Did you know it was a myth? Be sure to tag a new parent. Let's spread the word. + Want to win the newborn class? @sarahforsterphotography is having a giveaway for it today! 📷 by @sarahforsterphotography! ❤️❤️❤️❤️Edited to add: Adequate caloric intake is vital for sleep. This post is simply saying that overstuffing a baby at bedtime is NOT the answer. Overfeeding a baby doesn’t help a little one to sleep. Adequate caloric intake along with a strong sleep foundation is the answer. If your baby is hungry- feed him/her!❤️❤️❤️❤️


As we continue "Bedtime Week" it's time I share with you what's ruining MY bedtime; I’ve officially succumbed to the tradition of “Elf on the Shelf.” - My kids love to see where he moves each morning, but honestly, I always forget to move him until just before I fall asleep. Last night, instead of jumping up to find a new spot for him, I tried to think of excuses to explain to my kids why he didn't move. - Here's what I came up with: 1️⃣It must be too cold in our house. Let’s tell Dad to turn on the heat. 2️⃣He did move! He did! But he went back to yesterday’s spot because he didn’t think you’d look there twice! Silly elf! 3️⃣Who touched him? Someone must’ve! The dog?!? 4️⃣I bet when I got up early this morning, he saw me and decided to stay still. Sorry, that was my fault. - So, help a mom out. What excuse do you have for the Elf not moving? Do you have an Elf? (If your baby is too little to get it- start your excuse list now. You'll thank me in about two years.) By the way... my elf does NOT make messes! Everyone else in my home does, but so help me God... that freaking elf WILL NOT make a mess or he'll get the boot right back to the North Pole! - 📷 by @jozgirliphotography


Did you know that your baby's body has a "sweet spot" bedtime? ⏰ Yes! Most kiddos from 4 months to 4 years have a natural lull between 7-8:00pm. This time is typically when babies fall asleep the easiest and stay asleep the longest. 🙌🏻 - Bedtime doesn't have to be exact each night. A bedtime "range" of about 30 minutes is ideal. - When should you move that bedtime a bit earlier? Consider moving bedtime as early as 6:30 if your little one: +Had rough naps all day +Refused the last nap of the day (often the trickiest nap) +Is cranky and struggling to make it to 7pm +Is struggling with early morning wakings - Should we ever shift bedtime beyond 8pm? Maybe! +Some babies under 4 months actually do better with a bedtime between 8 and 10pm. (The newborn class addresses this in more detail.) +If the last nap of the day needed to be a bit later in the day, a slightly later bedtime could make sense. **Please know that keeping a baby up later rarely results in a later wake time. - Not sure how to move your little one’s bedtime to the sweet spot?Try to shift bedtime by 10 mins each night. - Wondering how long your baby should be awake before bedtime? Check out yesterday's post for normal ranges at each age! - What’s your baby’s bedtime range? Do you go earlier or later than the 7-8pm "sweet spot"? What time did your little one go down last night? - 📷 by @tenthandpine


Let's talk about: Wake Time Before Bedtime! - An overtired baby at bedtime can cause huge bedtime battles (and early morning wakings). Likewise, not being tired enough can make falling asleep difficult. Finding that perfect balance between tired enough to fall asleep, but not overly tired is our goal. - When the timing of bedtime is on point, it makes falling asleep and STAYING asleep the easiest. - So how do you know how much awake time your baby needs prior to bedtime? First, understand that the wake window before bed is typically the longest wake window of the day (until your baby is consistently down to one nap/day). - Next, factor in your baby's age. This is simply a guideline for how long is "typical": 4-10 weeks: 60-90 minutes 10-12 weeks: 75-95 minutes 3-4 months: 95-120 minutes 5-7 months: 2.5-3 hours 8-14 months-3-4 hours 14+ months- 4-5 hours - Finally evaluate the length of naps, quality of naps, and disposition of your baby. If naps were short or on the go, bedtime may need to be 30 minutes earlier. If baby is cranky- maybe calling it a day is the answer. - Now, if your little one fell asleep in the car for an extra 20 minute catnap shortly before bedtime... you’ll need to adjust a bit too. Shifting bedtime just a bit later will give enough time for the “tired tank” to refill. - Stay tuned all week for even more about helping your little one with a smooth bedtime. This is the building block to a great night's sleep. - How old is your baby and how long is he/she awake before falling asleep at night? - ❤️❤️❤️❤️EDITED TO ADD: please know these are just guidelines. This is meant to make life easier for you. Never harder. Check the blog for more. “Nap Schedules 5-25 Months” is helpful. Know all of my courses/resources will help too! I may not be able to answer every question on this post! Keep following this week for more info on this! Know that if you have purchased a course/resource, one on one help is available via a phone consult.❤️❤️❤️❤️


Would you reach down and touch your feet? Are they cool? Mine sure are. BUT I'm actually really comfortable: I'm not reaching for a blanket or socks. 🧦 Did you know that your baby can also have cool fingers and toes and be perfectly content as well?!?!? 🤚🏼👣 ⋆ I have to tell you: I hear from so many mamas who want to know the magical temperature or the perfect clothing for baby to wear while sleeping. Why? We know that overheating isn't safe, and cold babies aren't comfortable. ⋆ Want to know the thermostat secret?? 🤫 There isn't one!! I know. I know. Some literature says 68-72 degrees is the gold standard. - In the Arizona summer, my home is rarely below 78 degrees. In the winter, it sits at 72 degrees most days. I know this varies from home to home. ⋆ So ask yourself: Am I comfortable with the temperature? What am I wearing? If your baby's layers match your layers, she's probably comfortable too! So if you're wearing a T-shirt under a blanket to sleep, your baby should be very comfortable in a onesie and a swaddle. If you're wearing cozy pajamas under flannel sheets and a quilt, your baby should be comfy in a onesie, footie pjs, and a thick sleep-sack. Just dress your baby similarly to you! ⋆ Still not confident? Look at your baby. Is he flushed or sweaty? If so, remove a layer! Put short sleeves on instead of long sleeves. Feel your baby's chest, back, and tummy. Does she feel cold? If so, add a layer! I promise....it's that easy! ⋆ Check out my stories today for examples of how different mamas dress their babies and ALL get it right!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 My goal is to help you feel less stressed about that silly thermostat. 😊 If you’re comfortable, your baby probably is too. ⋆ Tag a new mama to show her the not-so-secret key to dressing your baby at night. Tell us in the comments what temperature you like to keep your house and share your baby's favorite sleepwear!


Who’s in a top knot and yoga pants?🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ - If you wear pajamas all day, do you have to change in to NEW pajamas before bed? #AskingForAFriend


Lovey (n): an item that creates a positive sleep association and can be a helpful tool in transitioning between sleep cycles. ➡️What: a small blanket, animal, or combo of the two ➡️Why: Babies who bond with a lovey may use it to help transition back to sleep in the night or for naps. ➡️Where: Baby’s Sleeping Place (i.e. crib) ➡️When: Introduce it at 4-6 months as baby comes out of the swaddle (or any age thereafter). ➡️How To Introduce It: 1️⃣)Make sure it’s safe: It needs to be small and breathable. No plastic parts or pieces that could be a choking hazard. 2️⃣)Make it smell like you: Sleep with this item or tuck it in your shirt for 3-4 hours. 3️⃣)Make it part of the bedtime/nap time routine: Tuck it between you and your little one as you snuggle. Rub it over her head while nursing. Stroke it across his cheek during the bottle. Brush it across his hands as you’re rocking. Everybody give it kisses before bed. 4️⃣)Make sure you have a back-up: whatever you choose as your baby’s lovey, make sure you have at least two of the same item. Rotate them in and out often. 🥰 - 🌀Lovies are a personal choice and should only be used if parents are comfortable with the baby having it during sleep. Do NOT use large blankets. Lovies can be a helpful sleep tool, but... Please Note: The American Academy of Pediatrics says NOTHING IN THE CRIB before 12 months-so use your judgment on this issue. If you aren’t comfortable, DO NOT USE ONE! - Need more help with baby sleep? Click the link in profile! We have online classes that parents swear by! - Do you have a favorite lovey for your little one? Tell us what worked for you and where you found it!!


B A B Y W E A R I N G ! True or False? Healthy sleep habits and babywearing REALLY can co-exist?!?! It’s TRUE!!!! 🎉 You can ABSOLUTELY still babywear with all of the Taking Cara Babies courses and resources. - Babywearing doesn’t have to be seen as a “bad habit” or “sleep crutch!” It can be enjoyed and embraced even while laying healthy sleep habits! 🥰🥰🥰 - Did you know that naps are a developmental milestone that BEGIN to develop at 5 months of age? Swipe to see! Babywearing is a great way to elongate a nap in the newborn stage. - If you have a little one who is just fighting sleep especially with those later naps, babywearing can be the answer. For 4-6 month olds, sometimes the last nap of the day is really difficult... babywearing can ease the struggle. Of course, you’ll still want to work on some naps in the crib too. It’s all about balance and that’s what our courses teach! ⚖️ - Tell me your favorite wrap or babywearing option. What time of day is most helpful to babywear for you? Any babywearing mamas have incredible sleepers? - 📷 by @thisdarlinglittlelife (Soothe shirt by @lalabubaby.)


(Sale ended on Monday at 11:59pm PST) Yay... Cyber Monday! 🎉 “The First Five Month Bundle” is $10 off when you use code: BUNDLE10. - The newborn class and “Navigating Months 3 + 4” can be bundled together to save you 10%... AND TODAY ONLY- it’s an ADDITIONAL $10 off! That’s $87 for BOTH! 🔥 A HOT DEAL! 🔥 - Who is this bundle for? Any expectant parent or any parent with a baby 3 months or younger. - You’ll learn all about how to calm a fussy baby, read sleepy cues, lay a healthy foundation, navigate through the 4 month regression, and LOVE the first several months with your baby. 🙌🏻 - Expecting? Get a gift certificate and activate it in your last month of pregnancy. Code: BUNDLE10 saves you $10 when you give The First Five Month Bundle gift certificate to yourself! 😉 - Know an expectant mama and need the best baby shower gift? Grab a gift certificate for the bundle! Yes! Bundle gift certificates are $10 off! Code: BUNDLE10. 🎁 - Today only! Sale ends at midnight PST. - Tag an expectant friend! What other excellent deals do new mamas need to know about today? - 📷 by @whitv


Confession: I’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving at a restaurant! I’m so thankful for no grocery shopping, no cooking, no dishes, and food by the beach. 🎉 I know this isn’t ideal for everyone, but for ME... heaven. Excuse me while I beat my family at a competitive round of Rumikub while we enjoy the view of Coronado Beach. 😂 - What’s the best thing on your table? Did you cook it or order from Cracker Barrel? Any game lovers? What do you play? Where are you celebrating today? - Amazing photo by @cbchatman

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